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Never ever miss an opportunity to buy a company in Administration or Receivership.

Here you can find out about all companies in receivership or liquidation in the UK. Our information is updated regularly and all opportunities are e-mailed to you with appropriate contact details of the appointed administrators or receivers.

Why use this service?

Often companies can fall into problems for a variety of reasons including poor management, cash flow, or staff issues. If you are looking to increase your existing business or start a new one then these companies can offer exceptional value for money and almost unlimited business opportunities. Quite often you can arrange to buy the profitable parts of a business or the assets or customers at a discounted market rate.

Best value for money!

If you can quickly be notified of any companies in receivership you have a valuable opportunity to see if they are of interest to you and contact the parties involved to try and see if you can come to an arrangement to purchase any assets that you would be interested in. Quite often these companies are still trading and with the correct re structuring can be turned around. It is generally far easier to do this than to start a business from scratch as these businesses often have customers and infrastructure already in place.

How does this site work?

For a small annual fee we will notify you immediately when companies fall into administration or receivership. You can select the options that you want such as sector, location, or geographic area. We will then e-mail you all the opportunities as they come up as soon as we are notified. This information is invaluable for anyone looking for discounted business opportunities.

Alternatively if you are just wanting to know if specific companies you are interested in fall into administration or receivership we have a service that will track those and notify you for a minimal fee. These could be businesses that you would be interested in buying in your sector that you know, or maybe companies that you have previously tried to acquire but have been unable to agree a price on.

Either way never ever miss an opportunity and stay one step ahead of your competition.

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